Fruit Tree Season Preparation


February and March are ideal times to get your trees serviced. Especially fruit trees!

Capitalize on the prime months of February and March to give your trees, especially fruit trees, the care they deserve. This is the optimal window for servicing to ensure vibrant growth, bountiful harvests, and overall health as the seasons change.

Let Arbormann’s expert team prepare your trees for a flourishing year ahead. Don’t miss this perfect timing for pruning and maintenance to maximize your trees’ potential!


Ready for the season!

Our Solution

Wake your trees up right with a preseason pruning and tree service.

Ensure your trees start the spring season on a high note with Arbormann’s pre-spring pruning services. Servicing and pruning your trees before they awaken from their winter dormancy is crucial for promoting healthy growth, preventing disease, and encouraging a robust bloom.

This proactive care allows for precise shaping and the removal of any damaged or diseased branches, setting the stage for your trees to thrive.

Energy Allocation

ensure that the tree’s energy is focused on the growth of healthy branches, leaves, and, in the case of fruit trees, potentially higher fruit production

Improved Structure

Pruning before the tree wakes up allows you to shape the tree and remove unwanted growth.

Wound Healing

Trees pruned before the spring growth spurt can heal faster.